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FakeAgent E109 Sandra

Sandra (44 mins) Oofff Sandra is a blossoming sex kitten in search of men who can push her sexual buttons until she bursts into orgasm. She looked so young when she came in I thought that she might be under eighteen, so I quickly checked her ID and I can assure you she is of age. She was the type of girl who thinks she knows it all, very self confident and knows what she wants. Turns out she wanted a bendy cock inside her tight pussy. Result!!! I was happy that Sandra spoke English very well which is always a bonus. After talking for a while I found out a bit more about her. She told me about the time she had a one night stand which wasn’t really a good experience for her because he spunked too soon for her and she didn’t have an orgasm. It’s no wonder she’s come looking for a guy like me to please her, I’m more than two pumps and a squirt, haha. When I asked she said she had never tried anal but might be willing to in the future. Also, she liked giving blow jobs which is a big bonus, and it turns out that she was very good at it. One thing that confused me about Sandra was her dress sense, I mean, come on who wears clothes like that. It didn’t bother me too much though because before long I’d gotten her out of them and she was mighty fine underneath. For a eighteen year old she certainly knew how to work her assets and the sex was really hot… I told her not to keep practicing because she has a lot of potential in this business.

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